What is the Heart Space?

According to my personal experience, my heart space stems from my open heart chakra.  As far as I could remember as a child, I had always been a highly sensitive and intuitive person.  Feelings would always override my logic in certain situations for better or worse.  As I matured, I am able to discern and manage my emotions better,  and have begun to trust my intuition in making decisions in my everyday life.  When I go about my day, I keep three things in mind.  I keep an open mind in believing that everything is possible, to not be afraid of anything or anyone, and lastly to have an open heart that projects out to everyone and everything that I encounter.  Whenever I get too much in my head by thinking or analyzing something, I deliberately push these thoughts through my heart space to re-center myself.  I have been following this recipe for several months and it still surprises me how positive people react towards me and how situations usually result in a favorable way.


Always Sincerely,


Friday, October 17, 2014

12:39 pm EST

Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

Would love to hear from you:-)

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