White Buffalo Sage

I was initially introduced to white buffalo sage (a.k.a. Salvia Apiana) at a shamanic workshop.  It appears to operate on two levels.  Spiritually, the Native Indians use it to purify the space before a ceremony/ritual that they perform.  And scientifically, burning white buffalo sage releases negative ions that cling  to positive ions in the air, thus neutralizing them and purifying the air in which we breathe.  Incidentally, I myself have four negative ion generators in my home.  There is one in my bedroom, one in the kids’ room, and one in each of our two cars.  I have been convinced of the effective use of negative ions by several scientific studies done on how negative ions can improve air quality/purity. Especially this study in hospitals:


So, being the curious individual that I am, who is perpetually looking to experiment on any method to improve one’s quality of life on different levels, I had purchased a pouch of white buffalo sage during my trip to: http://www.alchimiste-en-herbe.com, in addition to the black tourmaline crystal from my previous post.

In essence, they are dried branched-out leaves, you light one leaf, wait a few moments until it catches, blow the flame out leaving the cinder intact, wave it around your room allowing the wispy smoke to linger about, and when you feel there is enough, extinguish the cinder in dirt, sand or salt.  Never into water though, to preserve its dryness, I gather.  I use it mostly when I sit in the bath, meditate in my bedroom, or whenever I feel the air in the rooms are due for a cleaning.  If it is not too cold outside, I would open the windows to air out the rooms after the sage has been extinguished.

How does it smell like, you may ask?  I would say that it has a fairly distinct-earthy odor, yet surprisingly soothing and familiar to me on many levels.  It also gives me an impression that I am in a mysterious ancient realm.

Have a great week.