Just Drive

Have you ever had a major decision to make between binary options?

binary options

I have had a few in my life.  John Martin’s “Just Drive”, simply teleports me back several years ago when I had to decide whether to move and work in Boston, MA, USA or stay in Montreal, QC, Canada.  So what critical activity did I do to help me process all the different feelings, thoughts, expectations, list of pros and cons, and possible consequences regarding whether to stay or go, you may ask?  I took my keys and just drove my car to the nearest major city.  Just drive.


This is my own personal theory:

The preoccupied conscious mind is focused on driving (forward motion), while the subconscious mind is trying to resolve an issue the person has an intention of resolving(whether to move to Boston or not).  Scores of feelings, thoughts, worries, expectations, weighing pros and cons, and imaginary scenarios flood the mind, and it so desperately tries to make sense of it all.

I believe the subconscious mind is processing and calculating it all, at an unimaginable speed.  At the end of the ride, the subconscious solution is resolved and bleeds through to the conscious mind.  You feel a sense of relief and clarity at the end of the drive when you are returning home from the drive.  Problem is surprisingly solved and the decision is intuitively made.  It appears as if driving distracts the conscious mechanical mind, while the real problem-solving is done by the subconscious mind behind the curtain.  The mind seems to have re-allocated most of its resources to the subconscious mind to deal with the issue.


Please tell me I am not the only person who has experienced this.  Thank you John for this passionately-delivered song that has evoked something to be explored further.


Love Louder!

This song, “Love Louder”, by John Martin, reminds me of times in my daily life when I get in a comfort zone, cruising through the day, doing things without much effort or ‘love’ in it.  This song is a great wake-up call for us to do better!

I can be a little stronger

And try a little harder

We could do better

If we love a little louder

Love is the key driving force that can make us stronger, work harder, and do better in what you consciously intend to do. Our head space is driven by our heart space, so to speak. Love is something that not only occurs between individuals, but things, tasks, and ideas you have. This begs the question. How do we love louder or more? John has the answer, which is counter-intuitive.

Just surrender

It would set you free

It would set you free

By surrendering your control by trusting others, life, or the ‘higher power’, it will set us free, thereby ripening our heart-space, which hopefully could lead to some ‘heartful’ actions. Thank you John:-)

Don’t You Worry Child:-)

I came across this song by accident before it became a huge hit single in the U.K.  DYWC, originally from the Swedish House Mafia featuring John Martin is one of the most touching songs to warm my heart.

Roxanne Emery’s cover gives us a female’s perspective of her childhood relationship with her loving father, in which through her first break-up, he encouraged her to not worry about it and believe that heaven has got a plan for her.

This song and its beautiful lyrics makes me imagine my two daughters all grown-up reminiscing of how wonderful our father-daughter relationship was and how encouraging and positive I could be in the present.

¨Don’t you worry, Don’t you worry child,

Heaven’s got a plan for you¨