Black Tourmaline

My niece and my spiritual friend from Paris, France have strongly recommended me to go to this herbalist boutique in Montreal ( and get a black tourmaline crystal to protect against negative energies around me and to help ground me better in my life by strengthening my root chakra.  So, I did just that.  Check out what I got below:

Just last week, I took it with me when I went to the hospital with my 4-year-old daughter for a doctor’s visit.  I keep it in my front pocket close to my root chakra and I let my daughter hold and play with it now and then.  Personally, I find hospital environments fairly negative.  In the many instances that I am sitting in the waiting room, I sense a lot of fear, anxiety, worry, frustration, and despair from other patients, when I am obligated to make visits.  While waiting, I deliberately attempt to be positive by smiling, laughing, playing, and being silly with my daughter, in the hopes of creating a higher vibration which can effectively spread to others around us and help influence their lower negative vibration to lift or transmute to a higher vibration, resulting in a better chain of events from visit to outcome.  Most of the time, we get serious pursed lips transform magically to a full grin with a set of teeth in it!

If you are interested in its health benefits.  I found Dr. Group’s website to be thoroughly researched:

I hope you welcome the black tourmaline as an indispensable member to your crystal family:)


Amethyst Cluster on Tree Moss…

A couple of months back at the beginning of July of this year, I drove an hour and a half on a beautiful, sunny,cloudless day towards Sherbrooke, QC, with my 18-year-old niece and her friend, to visit a well-known crystal mine in Quebec, called Mine Crystal (

I had become interested in quartz crystals when I learned of its electrical properties and how it can help in healing our bodies. An aspect that I was curious to explore and experience for myself is its potential to absorb negative energies and aid in opening or re-balancing energy chakras in the body.

As I eagerly rushed into the crystal mine boutique ahead of my niece,  I felt a serene and peaceful atmosphere in the store once I crossed over its threshold.   Go figure, shelves of negative-energy-absorbing quartz crystals in all shapes, sizes and colors, lol! What an ideal infinitely-stress-free work environment this could be, I thought to myself!  I casually walked around the store a few times, until a stunningly attractive amethyst cluster quietly sitting on a shelf, ‘spoke to me’.  I listened to my intuition and purchased it immediately.

I place my amethyst cluster on my night table next to my bed.  When I need to deeply relax or feel a need to re-center myself, I lie on my bed, take a hold of my amethyst cluster with both hands and place it over my heart chakra, allowing it to resonate with it.  I relax my body in the yoga corpse position with stomach breathing and put myself in a receiving-visual mode with the quartz crystal.  I do believe that it depends on how sensitive and aware you are of subtle changes in your body, in order to feel any slight effects.

There are many crystal sites online, however I found this site to be credible and helpful in understanding the benefits of the amethyst gemstone (