Unravelling Reiki

Is it possible to connect with the universal life force and heal ourselves through our own hands?  I recently reconnected over a casual light lunch with an older lady friend of mine named AC (retired nurse), originally from (Lake District, England, UK), who is an artist (writing, paintings & photography), a Tai Chi practitioner, and an intuitive healer (hand healing in person and remotely).

AC’s works:


Reiki hands

AC had told me that she had no Reiki training, but that during her younger years, she had accidentally discovered it while attending a workshop in which the speaker casually mentioned the technique of laying hands on people who needed a healing.  She then asked her friend to show her how she did it.  As AC put her hands on her friend, who was sick with a serious migraine, they both felt a tremendous rush of energy through their bodies.  Her sick friend immediately felt better and well, with the healing stopping by itself.  They were both shocked at what happened, yet grateful for the gift and the healing.

I am slightly familiar with Reiki, in that I have done the basic 10 hand positions found on the web, and have applied them as part of my daily health routine.

Reiki positions

Both of my little daughters have unhealed ear drums from an ear tube procedure done to drain the sinuses when they got an infection.  I have started to learn(free Reiki PDF manual below) and apply Reiki to them, in hopes of helping their ear drums recover a bit more quickly, than if there would be no intervention at all.  AC has generously offered to channel the “Ki “(Qi, or Prana) to my daughters for a few days.  I openly accepted.  I hope it works out well.  Next doctor’s visit in 6 months.  I ‘ll keep you posted.  No pun intended:-)

Here is a free Reiki PDF beginner’s manual I found online:

Click to access Reiki-1-Manual.pdf

if you are interested.


Would love to hear from you:-)

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