Black Tourmaline

My niece and my spiritual friend from Paris, France have strongly recommended me to go to this herbalist boutique in Montreal ( and get a black tourmaline crystal to protect against negative energies around me and to help ground me better in my life by strengthening my root chakra.  So, I did just that.  Check out what I got below:

Just last week, I took it with me when I went to the hospital with my 4-year-old daughter for a doctor’s visit.  I keep it in my front pocket close to my root chakra and I let my daughter hold and play with it now and then.  Personally, I find hospital environments fairly negative.  In the many instances that I am sitting in the waiting room, I sense a lot of fear, anxiety, worry, frustration, and despair from other patients, when I am obligated to make visits.  While waiting, I deliberately attempt to be positive by smiling, laughing, playing, and being silly with my daughter, in the hopes of creating a higher vibration which can effectively spread to others around us and help influence their lower negative vibration to lift or transmute to a higher vibration, resulting in a better chain of events from visit to outcome.  Most of the time, we get serious pursed lips transform magically to a full grin with a set of teeth in it!

If you are interested in its health benefits.  I found Dr. Group’s website to be thoroughly researched:

I hope you welcome the black tourmaline as an indispensable member to your crystal family:)


2 thoughts on “Black Tourmaline

    • I will certainly consider placing crystals at entry points in my home. Thank you Beccaboo for visiting and I will definitely take the time to discover your informative blog as well. Always the best:)

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