Sound Healing

My niece is a talented music student in university, and we often have conversations of how sound and music can effectively heal people.  I read somewhere that music and mathematics were the keys to truly understanding the nature of reality.  I was introduced to chakras through learning yoga poses on my own.  I wonder if certain sounds can help with opening our heart chakra to be more loving in this world.  I managed to find a credible and brief 8-minute video clip for heart chakra balancing recently and have tried it for 7 consecutive days.  During the first session, my left temple was swelling until I stopped.  After that, it went smoothly.  I usually visualize my chest area opening up with bright light shooting out in every direction.  At other times, I think about my loved ones, and have an intention while listening to the sound healing.  For example, ‘I’d like to be more affectionate with my partner’, or ‘I’d like to be more patient and understanding with my little children’.  Does it work you may ask?  I guess only you can answer that question by patiently observing how your relations are improving, however, actions do speak louder than words though.  For the healing to be more effective, I use headphones, close my eyes, and sit meditatively in my dark closet.  For more technical details in sound healing, check out the Youtube description below from Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith.

I have started to incorporate this sound healing into my daily routine.  If I find it useful, I will try her other sound healings for the other 6 chakras.  I hope it is something you could consider.

Would love to hear from you:-)

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