This is what it feels like

The super-talented Roxanne Emery covers “This is What It Feels Like” by Armin Van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie.  This song’s lyrics tell a story of a serious break-up, in which the storyteller is describing how she feels.  They include receiving no more phone calls, only photos and memories to hold onto, feeling dead inside or drowning in water, feelings of desperation, feeling lost, and feeling incapable of continuing to live without the loved one.

I remember having similar feelings from a serious break-up during my young adulthood.  I had a very uncomfortable feeling around my chest, and an empty sickening feeling in my tummy.  I remember after a week of the agony of it all, my ‘heart space’ naturally receded like a turtle head in its shell, to recover and heal from it.  It took around 6 months to recover from my break-up.  After that time, I had to consciously begin to trust and love myself and others again, opening myself up to the world, through the heart chakra and projecting out the heart space.  It was not an easy task, I might add.  Luckily for me, shortly after, I met the mother of my children, when I was least expecting it, just simply being an authentic person.

Many people I met in my life were never able to trust again after that ‘one’ serious break-up.  In my humble opinion, I think that is a big mistake.  Without bi-directional love, there is nothing.  I encourage people to run the risk to love again, whether it be, for ourselves, pets, potential partners, colleagues, neighbors, family members , friends, or an idea that you strongly believe in.  Who knows, it might lead to something unexpected.  Just trust, take action, and see where it takes you, I usually tell the folks around me.

Allow Roxanne’s voice to penetrate deep in your heart, and maybe you can see what it feels like.  Enjoy:-)

Fresh eyes

I took these interesting photos while taking a casual walk in the park by my home last week.

Photo 1:


Looks like a dead fallen tree trunk, huh?  Look beyond that.  Could it be an eagle flying with its wings out?


Photo 2:


Here’s another.  Looks like a dead fallen birch tree, huh?  Look beyond that.  Could it be a deer or moose head with antlers?

In our daily lives, we pass by people, things, and events that seem mundane to us.  However, if we develop ‘fresh eyes’ and take the time to look beyond someone or something more deeply, we can discover a surprisingly different aspect that we couldn’t ever imagine before.

Let’s take a real-life example of my grumpy neighbor that I tended to avoid in the past.  When I took the time to look beyond what everyone thought or judged her to be, I was able to detect a kind-hearted woman, who had a tendency to automatically react in a negatively emotional way towards people around her, due to difficult circumstances in her life.  With my newly-acquired ‘fresh eyes’, I gradually approached and made simple & sincere conversation with her.  Now after a year, we are respectful, understanding, and fond of each other.

My lesson was learned that day:  to take the time to look beyond someone/something long enough to discover that unique perspective.  It is well-worth the time.  I thank ‘Mother Nature’ for that powerful-awakening message to me.  In closing, I hope for you all, that the next time you take a nature walk and pass by a fallen tree or whatnot, that you look more closely, with a few ounces of more imagination than usual, and maybe, just maybe you could see something extraordinary.  I trust this could be helpful in our lives.

Sound Healing

My niece is a talented music student in university, and we often have conversations of how sound and music can effectively heal people.  I read somewhere that music and mathematics were the keys to truly understanding the nature of reality.  I was introduced to chakras through learning yoga poses on my own.  I wonder if certain sounds can help with opening our heart chakra to be more loving in this world.  I managed to find a credible and brief 8-minute video clip for heart chakra balancing recently and have tried it for 7 consecutive days.  During the first session, my left temple was swelling until I stopped.  After that, it went smoothly.  I usually visualize my chest area opening up with bright light shooting out in every direction.  At other times, I think about my loved ones, and have an intention while listening to the sound healing.  For example, ‘I’d like to be more affectionate with my partner’, or ‘I’d like to be more patient and understanding with my little children’.  Does it work you may ask?  I guess only you can answer that question by patiently observing how your relations are improving, however, actions do speak louder than words though.  For the healing to be more effective, I use headphones, close my eyes, and sit meditatively in my dark closet.  For more technical details in sound healing, check out the Youtube description below from Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith.

I have started to incorporate this sound healing into my daily routine.  If I find it useful, I will try her other sound healings for the other 6 chakras.  I hope it is something you could consider.

Love Louder!

This song, “Love Louder”, by John Martin, reminds me of times in my daily life when I get in a comfort zone, cruising through the day, doing things without much effort or ‘love’ in it.  This song is a great wake-up call for us to do better!

I can be a little stronger

And try a little harder

We could do better

If we love a little louder

Love is the key driving force that can make us stronger, work harder, and do better in what you consciously intend to do. Our head space is driven by our heart space, so to speak. Love is something that not only occurs between individuals, but things, tasks, and ideas you have. This begs the question. How do we love louder or more? John has the answer, which is counter-intuitive.

Just surrender

It would set you free

It would set you free

By surrendering your control by trusting others, life, or the ‘higher power’, it will set us free, thereby ripening our heart-space, which hopefully could lead to some ‘heartful’ actions. Thank you John:-)

Rattle and Drum

Last weekend, I attended an ‘introduction to Shamanism’ workshop.  I did, however, had to run to the music store to buy a rattle and drum to equip myself for the course.  Click below:

Without going into too much detail, in essence, if you rattle or drum at 4 to 7 beats per second for about 15 minutes, you are able to create a sound vibration that your brain waves will automatically sync with.  In doing so, you are able to create a fertile environment for you to access Consciousness (Spirit/God/Source).  Shaking the rattle is more subtle than the drumming as you can see from my brief video clip.  You choose your preference.  I like to use the rattle as a warm-up first, then drum afterwards with more intensity.  I have just started to begin this practice in the morning allowing the beat of the drum or rattle to penetrate my pores, with eyes closed, walking, standing, or sitting down, I simply follow the beat and allow my imagination to run unbridled.  At the end of the session, my body tends to feel energized with a lightness in my chest area.  I am ready for my day.

Martin Duffy explains the process very clearly with more detail and leads you to a 15-minute drumming journey afterwards.

I hope you find this helpful:-)